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Lasting pain relief for $85! 

With over 13 years of experience practicing massage therapy, Jill has adapted her massage sessions to help address the issues that arise from everyday life.  She deeply believes that we ask a lot of our bodies every day: and that everyone is an athlete in their own way. Daily stresses and recurring microtraumas accumulate in the body.  Her role is to work the contracted muscle and fascia to facilitate recovery.  At the same time, an energetic unwinding of systemic tension brings renewal to your cellular structure. Jill works to keep your body working efficiently for optimal performance in daily life.  Her ultimate goal is to make her clients feel better than they ever imagined possible.

Directions: Put 454 Court Street into your GPS.  Pull into the small dirt driveway and parking lot behind 454 Court St.  You may park in a spot that says “Reserved parking for Hough House Tenant”.  You will walk thru the white gate and we are the yellow building on the left.  Enter the second door on left under the "Search" sign.  I am up the stairs on the right.  



Horse Lane, Strawbery Banke Museum, Portsmouth, NH, 03801


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